Welcome to the TLC Group, Leisure Management & Operations

The TLC Group does:

1. Strategic & operational management advice;

2. Business operations for third-parties in the Dutch, Belgian, German and UK market.


TLC Group clients are:

1. Commercial touristic suppliers: such as attractions, restaurants and accommodation providers;

2. Tourist destination marketing organizations and public institutions responsible for the marketing of the destination.


Key benefits' of working with the TLC Group

• The TLC Group managers have many years of senior management experience in the international leisure industry and each manager has a proven successful track record.

• The TLC Group has a strong operational network in the travel industry in Northwest Europe.

• TLC Group managers work in close cooperation with internal and any external key stakeholders of the client. This is to ensure that both strategy and operations are encapsulated in the clients organization.

• TLC Group possesses the technological knowledge required in the areas of booking systems, multi-channel distribution, CRM and E-Commerce.

• The TLC Group has an (inter)national call center and back office to facilitate the commercial operations for our customers.


In general, the TLC Group offers a high performance operational business representation in the Dutch, Belgian, German and UK market without high upfront investments and high annual operating costs!

Management advice:
Senbo Resorts - China

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Management advice:
Water-delta South Holland

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Business operations:
Vacalians Group

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